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  • Rene S.

    When I saw this portable charger I was in TikTok chilling and then I saw their videos and inconvenienced me enough to buy one for myself so I did and they are great, I love it.

  • Sandra K.

    I got their catcuty portable charger for my birthday and it is a pretty cute charger, to be honest. All my friends were asking me where I got it and of course, I told them.

  • Estrella P.

    You know those people who always forget to charge their phone well I am one of them and as soon as I saw this portable charger I knew I had to get it and it is amazing to just charge my phone while I'm at work .


How much does it charge my devices?

It can charge up to 20% of your device if this portable charger is fully charged

How long do I have to charge the CatCuty?

It takes about an hour to be fully charged so you can take it with you.

What comes with the CatCuty charger?

Our CatCuty comes with a manual, a charger and a box for you to keep all these in one place.

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